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      BLACK ZEN is a movement dedicated to improving the health and well-being of black and brown communities. It is a social enterprise designed to make meditation accessible, relatable and effective across a dynamic range of individuals. We aim to re-frame mindsets and blow up limiting beliefs.


      You cannot fix what you cannot see. You cannot effectively move forward if you don't know where you're starting from. Through meditation we gain vision and awareness. These are the tools required for inner, outer and lasting change.

      THE IDEA

      The “Eureka!” moment happened while Stacey and a friend were catching up during dinner. Each of their experiences with meditation came up in the conversation, and through that discussion, the idea for Black Zen started to brew. They didn’t see the minority community reflected in wellness-based practices and a lot of the online materials about meditation didn’t resonate with their current struggles. While Stacey had already established BE Meditation Group, there was still a desire to take the concept directly to the community. From there, Stacey and Jasmine decided to build what was needed in their own lives, and are now sharing this with others who may have also felt under-represented in the wellness and meditation community. Together they write editorial pieces on meditation, wellness and self-improvement, facilitate live meditation sessions and participate in speaking engagements to further the conversation on the need for diversity in wellness.


      Founded in 2016, Black Zen hosts live guided group meditations and events to generate awareness about the benefits of a meditation practice. They partner with community based organizations, businesses, yoga studios and health and wellness centers to facilitate free and donation-based meditation programming.


      Content creation and curation is another large component of the Black Zen mission, with an emphasis on representation of people of color in the wellness space. With this is mind, the Black Zen Beginner's Guide to Meditation was created. It was designed to make meditation relatable by demystifying the practice, de-bunking common misconceptions and showing that every day people can successfully meditate and begin to see positive changes in their life. The team launched the online editorial Weekly Wellness and supplemental podcast offerings in August 2017 to expand their reach to a national audience.



      For the past 14 years, Jasmine has worked as a live Event Coordinator and Producer. Throughout her career, she has lived in both New York and Los Angeles and has managed hundreds of events all over the country, with a few of those landing on the pages of the New York Times Arts & Entertainment section with stunningly positive reviews. She has been an active meditator since 2011 and noticed the profound impact it has had on her life and in her work. As a Co-founder of Black Zen, Jasmine manages community and vendor partnerships, facilitates live guided meditation events, assists with Black Zen operations and leads Black Zen's Level Up Meditation Program.


      Stacey comes from a nonprofit background, having worked as a Finance and Operations Manager for mid-sized, community based organizations over the last ten years. As a seasoned meditator with a desire to give back, she established BE Meditation Group (BE). BE is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to spreading meditation and supporting meditation-based programs by providing fiscal sponsorship services to mission aligned organizations. She brings her nonprofit operations and finance expertise to the Black Zen team and leads the business development, operations, media and marketing aspects of the company.


      Guided Meditation Events

      Black Zen partners with businesses, community spaces and health & wellness centers around the country to provide live guided meditation. For scheduling inquiries and speaking engagements email info@blackzen.co.

      The Weekly Wellness

      Online editorial with curated articles delivered to inboxes every Monday morning with life hacks, personal growth tips and content covering all things wellness.

      The Weekly Wellness Podcast

      A weekly discussion on wellness topics designed to entertain, provide insight and breakdown the Black Zen Weekly Wellness editorial delivered to inboxes every Monday.

      Beginner's Guide to Meditation Workbook


      A 40-page guide to help assist beginning meditators grow and maintain a personal meditation practice. This workbook includes a 6-week customizable meditation program, journaling pages and program tracker. Details on purchasing the practice workbook can be found here.

      Black Zen Writers Collective

      Black Zen collaborates with bloggers and content writers to deliver articles that promote healthy lifestyle choices, wellness and personal growth.



      "Another great post from Black Zen! Although I am not black (my wife is) and I am not always in my Zen mode (which fortunately is less and less), I love your posts. They are always right on target, written from the heart and inspiring! Keep up the great work and I wish everyone was aware of your wonderful site and ideas!" - N.T.


      "I LOVE what you're doing. As someone very new to meditation, Black Zen is a comforting find. *We Thank You*


      - H.M.

      "First time listener and I loved what I heard! Will be listening in weekly. Thank you ladies!"


      - J.D.

      "I just came across your podcast - So Funny ...I love your content and what you ladies are doing in the space!"


      - J.W.

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